the little moments that make my world go round

The Hyatt

Last night I ended up staying at the hyatt with my grandparents… I’d always passed that hotel on the way to my old church and wondered what it was like on the inside.  Turns out it was really nice.  A few highlights were there was a 50″ flatscreen, HD TV.  Beautiful, clear picture.  Aww man, it was the nicest TV I ever saw.  And the breakfast this morning… that was really good.  It was like, the only hotel I’ve ever been in that had actual, real (Not plastic or paper!) dishes to eat out of.  And free starbucks coffee.  oh. yeah.  Hehe.  I enjoyed that a LOT.  🙂

Ok, so, I did a study of one of the glasses in the room.  It looked kinda neat, and both my grandparents were busy getting ready for bed, so I was like… hmm… and that’s all it took.


And today’s picture is of my two crabs.  They were sitting together by the rock, and I thought they were so cute and perfectly posed for a picture.  The one on the left’s name is Sandy, the other one is named Coconut.


One response

  1. wow- great shots- all of them- funny how the simplest things can make a great photo…

    January 13, 2009 at 6:00 pm

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