the little moments that make my world go round

Yay For Paperwhites!

Today I noticed that the paperwhites I planted back in December finally bloomed. They are so gorgeous! I think it’s a bit early for them to be blooming, but the weather’s been so warm I think they decided to come up early. I dunno.

Today I finished school fairly early, so my weekend has officially begun. Yessss.

And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Oh, and today’s Friday the 13th, too. hmm. unlucky. :0 I don’t exactly believe in luck, though, so that doesn’t matter. haha.
anyway. Valentine’s day. I don’t like it. my second least favorite holiday, besides Easter. It’s so fake, and puts so much pressure on everyone! Fabulous way to kill a relationship, if you ask me. 😛 But no one asked me, so I’ll get off my soap box.

Yesterday I also noticed the pollen is starting. woopee. sooo that signals the start of allergy season. bleh! but also the start of spring, and the beginning of the end of the school year. yay!

I will be posting my latest P365 pictures later today, after I resize them, so keep on the lookout!


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