the little moments that make my world go round

I am not a poet.

This week in Literature I’ve been studying William Blake and how his writing is so full of feeling and description. Personally, I think he could’ve been the first emo, if Job hadn’t beaten him to it. But anyway, I had to write a four stanza poem for the writing bit of the unit. Be forewarned, my gift is most certainly not poetry. I don’t really like writing it, although I can enjoy reading it to some extent. I admit I didn’t try very hard to make it sound good, and certain lines could probably do with a bit of tightening, but I wanted to see what y’all think… So here goes…


She spreads her wings
In the first morning light
Her spirit sings
In this first dawns flight

Emerging from the shelter she’s always known
The world awaits her tender flit
Away from safety she has soon flown
She doesn’t stop until the skies begin to spit

The oak senses not her presence
Yet guards her carefully
As rain begins its torrents
washing out the gully

The rain continues until morning
When at sun’s first light
She readies and spreads her wings
And begins again her flight


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