the little moments that make my world go round

thinking pretty thoughts…

So last night there was nothing that really captured my interest on any of the twelve channels I get, (Basic package cable = less ‘nothing’ to choose from) and I ended up watching this bachelor show where everyone is overweight. Never caught the name of it, but it was down to the last two girls and I ended up getting sucked in. Of course.

Anyways. Tali, one of the two, goes in to get her hair done by this very gay, very exhuberant cosmetolegist. As she sits down, he hands her a white lily and says,

“Here, smell this and like, think lots of pretty thoughts.”

At first, I cracked up. Is this guy serious?

But now that I’ve made fun of it a few times, I’m seeing a little bit of wisdom there. Maybe it’d be good for us to ‘think pretty thoughts’ and dwell on something other than our troubles, frustrations, and the fact that the car has developed a new rattle in the engine.  Maybe we should sit around and smell flowers once in awhile, if it’ll make us feel better.


One response

  1. I agree. It should be the new slogan (that I am claiming, right here in this comment): “Think Pretty!”

    September 16, 2009 at 8:45 pm

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