the little moments that make my world go round

The Meaning of Photography.

I found an interesting question on a flickr group today and thought it blogworthy, so here goes. The question was, “What does photography mean to you?” here’s my answer:

I define photography as my personal act of appreciating the beauty the world has to offer. Sometimes it isn’t apparent to me how interesting something looks until I see it through a camera. Picking the camera up and aiming it at something is an act of willingness to find and appreciate beautiful things unexpectedly, and capture it to keep and enjoy forever.

…or have it come out looking awful and I have a good laugh at how I make simple acts seem much more meaningful than they actually are.  haha. the reason I take pictures is not to impress people or show off.  I like it, it’s fun, and I’m often surprised at how a picture of what you believe to be a simple piece of junk or something can turn out to look so ah-mazing.  I love that feeling of amazment. 😀


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