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Candy Cane Hearts and Pumpkin Analogies

This seems unoriginal to me, but I kinda like it anyway.

Country Life
A magazine I found at the library had this in it. A bit cheesy, but I thought it was cute anyway.

I realize the candy cane heart thing is cliche, but I’ve never tried it before. Haha.

& we went to the library yesterday to “study” (magazines count, right?) and I found a Country Life magazine with some of the cutest stuff… the pumpkin analogy among it.
I also got Kiss by Ted DeKker and Erin Healy. Hopefully it’s good… DeKker hasn’t really drawn me in with his writing before, though. I’m much more inclined to pick up something like Travis Thrasher, who wrote the last thing I read (Gun Lake). Though a bit confusing at first, I found it to be a very true to life and accurate story. The ending doesn’t dissappoint, although if you’re looking for happysweetlovely ending this isn’t the book for you. Thrasher does a good job of keeping you engaged with short and to-the-point chapters and a lot of action.

Anyway. Yesterday was another perfect studying day. Overcast, a little glum, but not blah. 🙂 twas quite lovely.


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