the little moments that make my world go round


In my southern little state, we don’t get the hope of snow much.  hardly ever.  so when we hear the weatherman say, “wintry mix”, we get excited.

only to have our hopes dashed the next day by bucketloads of nothing but straight up, freezing cold, RAIN.  That’s what happened yesterday, and today I wake up to find a news clip that claims the east coast got 20 inches and oh no we might freeze into a glacier or something.  I suppose it’s all this global warming stuff. *rolls eyes* Oh well.  I got some cool pictures at least. 😀 hehe.

Anyway.  Last night I went to a Christmas party with some camp friends of mine.  It was quite lovely, I missed them so much.  We had quite a bit of fun playing white elephant and such. 

This morning is so perfect… a little drizzly out and chilly.  Perfect for what I’ve been doing:  Reading.  Kiss has turned out to be really good so far, I’m almost finished with it.  I might just turn out to be a DeKker fan after all.  I think it just took me awhile since it’s a different feel than I’m used to.  Definitely could get addicting.

& I just remembered that I have my happy Christmas mug waiting on me and coffee is brewing. (ooh, sounds so witchy… coffee brewing) tootles.


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