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Where we gonna go from here?

Where we gonna go from here? #2

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Mat Kearney is one of my favorite male singers *ever*. I love his voice… perfect for those gothic winter days with the sky white and the trees black and scraggly against it.
The sun is out and a warm breeze is coming out of nowhere, it seems like. The east coast is such a snowy, blizzardy mess right now. It’s like we’re in the eye of the storm, the calm before the real disaster hits.

Anywho. While I’m waiting for the storm to hit. It amazes me that the postman always comes… it really is rain, sun, snow or sleet. It’s still a bit magical. Some days it looks so nasty and horrible out there the little voice in my head asks, “Will he really come today?” And he always does.

What I want to know is why the postman always bears bills and ads and other un-fun mail nowadays. No one really writes letters any more. Kinda sad. My kids probably won’t look forward to seeing the mailman as much as I used to. Or my parents used to. Or even my grandparents.

We should make a movement to revive the handwritten letter.

Ok everyone. I have a dare. Write a letter today. Yes, I know it costs just shy of fifty cents to send one. Just do it. If you really can’t get over the cost of postage, send a postcard.
Let’s make someone smile when they open the mailbox, instead of letting them get all bogged down by yet *another* bill.


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