the little moments that make my world go round

Simple & Ordinary… Or not.


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Ahh, another simple, normal day. I take that for granted too much. My life generally fits in the mold of what people call “normal”. Funny thing is, it strikes people as odd that my family and I live “normal” lives. Silly people! Haha.

I sit and ponder this, wrapped in a fuzzy green blanket and finding amusement in the office chair. I never noticed until this morning that we all have our different levels… My mom likes it low, my dad likes it high, and I like it in between. Brings to mind the three bears, does it not?

These simple little things that make you *not* normal seem to make you the most ordinary.

What’s great about today is that it’s not like any normal Monday… I don’t have school today! *happy sigh* I adore Christmas break. Christmas seemed to sneak up awfully quick this year, but that’s what I always say. My parents and I are planning a “Christmas Night” on Christmas Eve. We’re taking cookies, hot chocolate, blankies, Christmas music, etc. along and going for a drive to look at all the pretty Christmas lights people have up. Fun fun.


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