the little moments that make my world go round


I am writing from the library right now, since out home computer has a bug.  *grumble*.

what’s more, library computers don’t allow access to Facebook. *grr arg*oh well.  Sunday night was the last time I was on, and I must say… It has been kind of a nice vacation.

I’ve picked up guitar again in the past few days!  I felt like I’d sort of run into a wall.  The passion just kinda left me and I was bored with it.  I couldn’t imagine it happening, but it did.  😛  I don’t know exactly what made me do it, but I did… and the love is back.

I’m also knitting something.  Littleknown fact about me, I enjoy knitting. It’s BEAUTIFUL!! cabled, and blue.  But it’s a gift, so I can’t say any more. 😉


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