the little moments that make my world go round

Learning to laugh

Originally uploaded by imayle

Sometimes things turn out exactly as you expected, and although it’s not ideal, you can’t help but laugh.

Such as my dear friend, whos new boyfriend is to the pin exactly what I expected she’d go for. I saw a picture and laughed my guts out. Not at him, not at her, just at the fact it was exactly as I thought it’d be.

I am realizing the importance of being able to laugh. It has a way of lightening one’s heart during awkward moments, and making you feel so overall good that you just want to keep laughing.

Now, I am one of those kids that can’t stop giggling once I start. That’s probably part of it. But part of it is I have such a great life, in my opinion, and it’s just terribly hard to keep it all in when the cat falls off a chair or a friend’s boyfriend is exactly what I was expecting.

PS — The guest preacher that came to our church on Sunday was good.  Really good.  🙂  I hope he gets the job.


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