the little moments that make my world go round

Valentine’s Day.

Originally uploaded by imayle


I’m not generally much of a Valentine’s day sort of person. I love the candy and stuff, but it just seems to put too much pressure on people. How come it’s become about romance and couples? How come it can’t just be about celebrating people you love and telling them how special they are? My opinion is that we have lost sight of the true meaning of Valentine’s. (That sounds like a Christmas rant).

Anyway. Friday we got SIX INCHES!!! of snow at my house! It was great fun to play in, and it stuck around Saturday and some of Sunday. 🙂  My love of the day is therefore snow, my absolute favorite weather ever.

My dad and I also redid the kitchen this weekend, which was quite a task as it was wallpapered and has lots of stuff to avoid while painting.  Our goal is to have it look shabby-chic and slightly imperfect, and the design scheme is similar to the inside of Zaxbie’s;  Lots of decoration on the walls and a goldish-yellow and dark brown color scheme.


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