the little moments that make my world go round

Life as a temporary germophobe.

13, originally uploaded by imayle.

I am not normally the sort of person who gets freaked out over an epidemic. I had the swine flu over the summer, and it definitely was NOT as bad as it was made out to be. Granted, I’m generally a healthy person. Never been on any antibiotics or prescriptions in my life, and never been to the doctor for anything other than a routine checkup. All that to say, I’m not a germophobe.

Unless it comes to the stomach flu.

Then I enter a state of complete paranoia and handwashing madness. I hate throwing up. I hate feeling nauseous. I hate not being able to eat. On the plus side, I don’t dislike the taste of pepto bismol.

So here I am, with the stomach flu threatening at every corner. I would be biting my nails, but that might compromise my germ-free state.

One thing I love: not being sick. And my good health.

In other news, our fridge light went out today. My fantasies of fridge light fairies are officially trampled.


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