the little moments that make my world go round


22, originally uploaded by imayle.

If you have noticed, I have recently changed my blog title to “e pluribus unum”. If you are like me and not quite fluent in latin, you’re probably thinking, “jeez. quit acting smart and talk like normal folk.”

Hehe, it does make me feel smart to have a different language on my blog.

E pluribus Unum is Latin for “one of many”. Which suits me. I am but one, after all.

What I think is interesting, though, is how one person can change the world. Or, one person can just putter along in his or her life, without being famous or a big hoohah or anything. And yet they are of their own significance. Without infamous people, there would be no famous people, and vice versa.

And then I’ve got this picture. I took it on the way to the beach last August. All the rest of the trees had been sawed down and discarded to make way for a convenience store. Except for that one. What made the loggers leave him? Regardless, his presence on the edge of the lot made me smile.

I love ones.


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