the little moments that make my world go round

lovely new beginnings

dandelion in b&w, originally uploaded by imayle.

A dandelion
take a breath and make a wish
and away it floats

I love spring. Well, actually… I love all the seasons in one way or another. Out of all of them, I love spring the least. But I still love it.

It’s cliche, but I think it’s refreshing. Trees are getting new leaves, animals are having babies, flowers are blooming. Quite lovely.
Yesterday I was ouside during that beautiful little chunk of late afternoon when everything looks golden. Not quite sunset, a bit before. I did a study of dandelions… I’m very pleased with how the pictures turned out! 🙂

I forgot how much I loved blowing dandelions. I haven’t done it in years.

If you can find one, make a wish and blow a dandelion today.


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