the little moments that make my world go round

a lone army man

miles, originally uploaded by imayle.

this word has five syllables
let’s say it again

I’m not sure whether I like the picture or not. The words seemed to fit, but it feels lacking somehow. I dunno, maybe it’ll grow on me.

Yesterday I was in Michael’s, looking with my parents for a couple frames for the kitchen. Michael’s seems to be expanding its retail horizons more and more lately, so now they carry little dollar toys and such. Anyway, I was in the dollar toy aisle and noticed an empty bag of plastic army men. Or an almost-empty one, at least.

All alone lay one single plastic man, who tugged at my heartstrings and quickly made a home for himself in my pocket. He now keeps me company. 🙂

I *also* bought a pack of colorful sharpies!!! I’d been eyeing them for awhile, but stupidly thought, “aw, I’ll never use these. They’re just extra stinky markers.” Wrong-o. I think I’m in love, and it’s barely been 24 hours.


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