the little moments that make my world go round


199, originally uploaded by imayle.

Last night it rained. Hard.

And boy did we need it… It hadn’t rained in almost a week, and we are in the peak of pollen season, so as a result it was off the charts. The picture was taken on an outdoor table that was pretty well coated with it. xP

I kid you not, everything looks strange without a yellow haze clinging to it. You could see the stuff in the air. Yuck-o!! So last night when it rained I went out to get cleaned off a little too, with the rest of the earth. Man, it felt good. 🙂 People, this is perfect rainplaying weather… not too cold, but not many thunder/lightening storms yet. Next time you see rain, I dare you all to run out and dance in it for about 10 minutes. Longer if you decide you like it. 🙂

brings to mind the song, “Bring on the rain” by Jodee Messina, does it not?


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