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If you have noticed, I have recently changed my blog title to “e pluribus unum”. If you are like me and not quite fluent in latin, you’re probably thinking, “jeez. quit acting smart and talk like normal folk.”

Hehe, it does make me feel smart to have a different language on my blog.

E pluribus Unum is Latin for “one of many”. Which suits me. I am but one, after all.

What I think is interesting, though, is how one person can change the world. Or, one person can just putter along in his or her life, without being famous or a big hoohah or anything. And yet they are of their own significance. Without infamous people, there would be no famous people, and vice versa.

And then I’ve got this picture. I took it on the way to the beach last August. All the rest of the trees had been sawed down and discarded to make way for a convenience store. Except for that one. What made the loggers leave him? Regardless, his presence on the edge of the lot made me smile.

I love ones.


Learning to laugh

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Sometimes things turn out exactly as you expected, and although it’s not ideal, you can’t help but laugh.

Such as my dear friend, whos new boyfriend is to the pin exactly what I expected she’d go for. I saw a picture and laughed my guts out. Not at him, not at her, just at the fact it was exactly as I thought it’d be.

I am realizing the importance of being able to laugh. It has a way of lightening one’s heart during awkward moments, and making you feel so overall good that you just want to keep laughing.

Now, I am one of those kids that can’t stop giggling once I start. That’s probably part of it. But part of it is I have such a great life, in my opinion, and it’s just terribly hard to keep it all in when the cat falls off a chair or a friend’s boyfriend is exactly what I was expecting.

PS — The guest preacher that came to our church on Sunday was good.  Really good.  🙂  I hope he gets the job.

Even when the rain falls & the flood starts rising

…I am washed by the water.

Isn’t that amazing?  I was listening to Washed By The Water by Needtobreathe a minute ago while I was looking for the guitar chords and that just struck me.  Like, wow.  No matter what crap happens, no matter how crazy me or my life gets, I am washed by God’s holy water and cleansed by Jesus’s blood.  My sin is invisible before the Lord, and I am clean. 

I am the daughter of a holy and mighty God.

A comforting thought.

Sleet Day.

I awoke this morning to the branches of the tree by my window encased with ice.  So beautiful!

Today would have possibly been a snow day for us, if the storm had come just a little closer.  *sigh*.  I knew it wouldn’t happen, but still.  As I’m looking at my Facebook, it’s hard not to be jealous of all my acquaintances just north of me, who are posting pictures and marvelling at the beauty of it all.  Oh well.  The tree branches were so pretty this morning, so I don’t miss the snow all that much.

I apologize for my lack of visual interest in the past few posts… I haven’t been much in the rythm of taking pictures.

Life’s too short to waste.

So thanks to a lovely friend of my Dad’s, our computer is now bug free and running great.  YAY!

The past week has been strangely relaxing…  I guess I didn’t realize just how tense and bored and wasted-time-feeling the computer made me.  Without the option of it, I was forced to read, (I “couldn’t make time” before) knit, play guitar, and do other such creative things in my boredom.

TV, computers, video games, basically anything involving a screen has a tendancy to tempt us into whiling away time doing meaningless things.  How depressing.  I now resolve to spend less time on the computer and not let it be my default boredom buster any more.  Life’s too short to waste.


I am writing from the library right now, since out home computer has a bug.  *grumble*.

what’s more, library computers don’t allow access to Facebook. *grr arg*oh well.  Sunday night was the last time I was on, and I must say… It has been kind of a nice vacation.

I’ve picked up guitar again in the past few days!  I felt like I’d sort of run into a wall.  The passion just kinda left me and I was bored with it.  I couldn’t imagine it happening, but it did.  😛  I don’t know exactly what made me do it, but I did… and the love is back.

I’m also knitting something.  Littleknown fact about me, I enjoy knitting. It’s BEAUTIFUL!! cabled, and blue.  But it’s a gift, so I can’t say any more. 😉

Happy Feet

Sunshine on a rainy day

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Today was all nice and lovely and sunny. And COLD! Flurries are predicted for Thursday. (those of you farther north are probably having a good laugh at me and my “cold” southern weather)  It’s not much, but I’ll take what I can get.

So last night I got these cute slippery sock things from walmart. Yes me, miss can’t stand tennis shoes, socks, or slippers, wear-flipflops-in-the-winter girl… wearing sockslippers. I think aliens abducted me and replaced my brain or something. Or maybe it was because when I saw them, I loved them, and decided I must get them and have adorable and warm toes for once.  ‘Happy feet’ has found new meaning.