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In the middle of September, we still play out in the rain.

the lone twig, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

I love Daughtry’s new song.

As a matter of fact, it was raining all weekend long, and it’s finally feeling like fall today. YAY! no more 90-degree weather. I hope.


But I was still able to get some pretty pictures.

And I have decided to take up running. Long story short, I’d been thinking about it, but what cinched it was that a certain friend of mine told me I probably couldn’t have handled this obstical course/race event he did about a week ago.

Never tell me I can’t.

Though he can’t credit himself as the reason, that will be part of the icing on this cake. haha 🙂


mawwage is what bwings us togetha today…

14, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

I really ought to get around to making a set for my beach pictures… yet I procrastinate.

Tonight my dear friend and lovely coworker (I always think cow orker when I write that… I’ve probably said that before. Gets me every time) is getting married to another of my dear friends/ amazing coworkers. It’ll be crazy seeing her get married!! But I’m quite happy for her. 🙂 She’s a lovely lady and He’s a great guy, and they’ll be happy together.

WOOT WOOT, C. and JM.!!!! 😀

Super Star

Super Star, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

Meet Super Star! I sewed him up on Friday… Not thrilled with the colors, but I think he came out alright despite the color malfunctions. Complete with ‘SS’ sewn on the back of his cape 🙂

And take a look at this couple’s photos! I could stare at their work all day long. *drool*

beautiful joy

273, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

I feel like this summer has matured me. I finally realize a bit of what it’s like to be on the adult side of things, rather than the kid. It’s a bit weird thinking that a couple years ago when I came to this camp, the counselors were probably going through the same things I am now, like wondering what’s going on in the kids’ heads and wishing you could keep them all forever and ever and having them pop into your head so randomly and wondering what they’re going home to… etc.

This past week was great. There seemed to be a bit more drama in my cabin than past weeks, but some of the girls really opened up to me and I was able to talk to them about God and life and silly things and serious stuff, and I feel like I really got through.

One of the girls shared with me that she was getting adopted this week. She came from a pretty messed up home situation, and last night she broke down crying, saying she didn’t want to go home and she didn’t even know where home was and on and on. I sat with her on a picnic table in the middle of the cabin area and listened to her story, realizing yet again how blessed of a life I lead. This girl inspired me. She’d been through so much, but she still smiled her beautiful smile readily and freely, and she was so joyful all the time.

God is sure making it very clear to me this summer that I don’t know everything. I confess, I’m a classic teenager, I tend to think I know all there is to know. Until now. It’s like that song, What Do I Know Of Holy? except for me it’s more like, what do I know of God? He’s so crazy insane awesome, trying to understand him and his ways is like trying to smell the color nine. To us, it seems impossible and maybe even nonexistant.

But let me tell you, this journey of trying to “smell the color nine” is sure amazing.


peace, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

I realize the sign in the picture is controversal, but for this purpose, it simply means peace. (yep. I’m shallow. I go for the trendy shots. 😉 )

I apologize for the gaps between posts… I’ll be back home August 8, so you can expect more regular posting then.

camp is going great! I love the campers so much. I think this past week was the best yet, I feel like I was able to bond a lot with the girls and really get to know them well. God is teaching me so much through these kids, it’s crazy. I think I’m learning and being loved more than I’m teaching and loving.

This may sound creepy, but sometimes I’ll wake up in the night just to listen to all those little miracles breathing and snoring and stirring in their sleep. It’s such a beautiful noise. And I love that I get to spend all my time with them during the week. The hardest part is Saturday morning, when they leave and then prep begins for Sunday’s new batch of kids. I always wonder what they’re going home to, what their ‘normal’ life is like. Especially the Angel Tree kids, who have at least one parent in jail and usually the other is an alcoholic or druggie or abusive or something to that effect. They’re the ones with the most love to give, I find. Which is ironic, because you know at home they’re probably not getting a whole bunch. But maybe they are, every situation is different.

Anyway. I should go. Much love to all. ❤

talk with an accent

Just wait, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

I realized again today (after having quite a laugh at my own stupidity… multiple times) that being silly is so very important in our lives.

So guess what. I’m daring you to say everything in an accent for at least 20 minutes after you read this. Any accent you choose. French, Spanish, Italian, Southern, Californian, Valley Girl, Hippie… Or make up your own. The object is to have fun and be silly. So, have fun and be silly! 🙂

cloud 9

walking on clouds, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

I don’t know why I like feet shots lately. Seems like a lot of times I look down thinking, “HEY! That’d be a cool picture.”

Anyhoo. I’m not really a list person. But today I feel list-y, so here is a list of nine things that make me feel like I’m on cloud nine, in no particular order.

1- Eating Zaxbie’s
2- Being at the camp
3- Having all my laundry done
4- Making someone smile
5- Taking pictures (especially when they turn out how I want them)
6- A no-tempurature sunny day
7- Inspiration
8- Being with people
9- Finding a new really good song

Tag! You’re it, what 9 things make you feel like cloud 9?