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mawwage is what bwings us togetha today…

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I really ought to get around to making a set for my beach pictures… yet I procrastinate.

Tonight my dear friend and lovely coworker (I always think cow orker when I write that… I’ve probably said that before. Gets me every time) is getting married to another of my dear friends/ amazing coworkers. It’ll be crazy seeing her get married!! But I’m quite happy for her. 🙂 She’s a lovely lady and He’s a great guy, and they’ll be happy together.

WOOT WOOT, C. and JM.!!!! 😀


Beach, School, Friends, Love.

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Seeing as I haven’t written in awhile and some of you seem to be getting a bit anxious (hehe 😉 ) I decided to write a new post.

The weeks I spent up north were lovely… I had missed hanging out with my family, so that was great to see them again. And the last four days I was at the beach, hence all the beach pictures up on my flickr photostream. Check them out!

Tomorrow I start school again. Yay! I actually am looking forward to it, I feel refreshed after my summer break and I’m ready to get back to learning. Plus, the books we have this year are all pretty good.

Tonight I went to see Shrek 4 with the Jr. Highers of my youth group. It was fun, but for the first time I did feel a little old. I kept switching into Jr. Counselor mode, like sitting with the youth leaders and chatting awhile felt odd because I kept thinking, “staff clump!! aack! interact with the kids!” But they were all very funny and adorable, so I was glad I went just to meet them and get to know them a little.

I’ve been keeping busy lately… This weekend I have a friend’s wedding to go to (Eek! My friends are getting married!!) and then right afterwards I’m going to work a retreat at camp until Sunday. So it should be fun 🙂 I’m looking forward to it and the beginning of school.

I hope all of y’all readers are doing well! Have a happy Monday tomorrow. Do something that puts a smile on your face. 🙂

Take a moment

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Due to technical difficulties, I wasn’t able to post yesterday as I’d planned. Long story short, we thought our computer was toast and ordered a new one, but the old one was able to be fixed, so we now have an extra laptop coming in the mail.

*but*! I have finally returned and hopefully my posts will regulate.

I have also begun a new project. If you look above and see the links, it’s under “The Great Scavenger Hunt” and all is explained there.

This picture is my #8. I drink a coke most summer afternoons. It gives me something small but refreshing to look forward to during the day. And brownie points to my dad, he brought me one every time he came to pick me up from camp on Saturdays. 🙂

The end

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Well, this is my second day home from camp and so far while I do miss it, I’m enjoying getting used to being home and in ‘normal’ life. If you care to see some pictures that I took this past week, you can find them here.

These are Kaelove’s shoes. That girl was crazy, she kept me laughing all week long. 🙂

Longer post later.


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The shampoo is greener when it’s someone else’s. 😉

I don’t really like how the picture or editing came out… oh well. I did it in a hurry.

I’m off to Angel Tree Middler week. Eek! Hopefully it goes well. This week I will probably be dealing more with fighting and attitudes than I have all summer, along with listening to the stories they have to tell. I’m looking forward to the story part, although that’s really rough sometimes. I wish I could keep all the kids and make everything alright for them and love them like they ought to be loved. But I know God has a plan for their lives.

Pray that God will be glorified and his will will be done during this last week of camp, and also that I and the other staff at Bethel would be overflowing with energy, patience, and love for these kids.

I’m excited!! 😀


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I have finished Teen week and my second to last week of camp. It was a wonderful week, to be sure. More drama than usual, but I’d been expecting it.

Of course, this week I found that the place where a lot of the kids minds were and the source of some of the drama going on was relationships, which caused me to reflect a bit. Personally, I’ve chosen to walk the courtship route… But that’s a post for another day.

I just don’t see the point in getting as close as some of them were so young. I was thinking about it during Chapel one evening and came up with an analogy that I think is rather clever, if I do say so myself. It goes like this: A baby tree is planted too close to another seedling. As the two grow, they get all the things they need to thrive as adult trees, and all the while the space between them shrinks and their roots become intertwined with each other, until it gets to the point that they are so close to uproot one would kill the other. One of the trees grows faster than the other, and starts to steal nutrients from the other, and eventually the tree will wither and die of malnourishment.

I think it’s the same with people. If you get too close with someone too soon, you become too dependant on them, which is dangerous. Adult trees do just fine with other trees, and can even be pretty close to them without harm. But while they are seedlings they’re doing the most growing and need the largest space ratio.

I dunno. Maybe I’m just an odd kid who zones out and thinks about plants in relation to romance randomly. (Dig that annunciation!)

This coming week is angel tree middler week and my last week of camp! *sob* I’m looking forward to it, but I’m rather intimidated again. I’ve heard a lot about these kids and how crazy this week is going to be.

& Side note — A friend of mine who works at camp got one of those cheap-o bouncy balls mailed to her this week… no box or anything, they just slapped a stamp, an address and a note on it and stuck it in the mail. So of course I’m going to try it. hehe 🙂

beautiful joy

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I feel like this summer has matured me. I finally realize a bit of what it’s like to be on the adult side of things, rather than the kid. It’s a bit weird thinking that a couple years ago when I came to this camp, the counselors were probably going through the same things I am now, like wondering what’s going on in the kids’ heads and wishing you could keep them all forever and ever and having them pop into your head so randomly and wondering what they’re going home to… etc.

This past week was great. There seemed to be a bit more drama in my cabin than past weeks, but some of the girls really opened up to me and I was able to talk to them about God and life and silly things and serious stuff, and I feel like I really got through.

One of the girls shared with me that she was getting adopted this week. She came from a pretty messed up home situation, and last night she broke down crying, saying she didn’t want to go home and she didn’t even know where home was and on and on. I sat with her on a picnic table in the middle of the cabin area and listened to her story, realizing yet again how blessed of a life I lead. This girl inspired me. She’d been through so much, but she still smiled her beautiful smile readily and freely, and she was so joyful all the time.

God is sure making it very clear to me this summer that I don’t know everything. I confess, I’m a classic teenager, I tend to think I know all there is to know. Until now. It’s like that song, What Do I Know Of Holy? except for me it’s more like, what do I know of God? He’s so crazy insane awesome, trying to understand him and his ways is like trying to smell the color nine. To us, it seems impossible and maybe even nonexistant.

But let me tell you, this journey of trying to “smell the color nine” is sure amazing.