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Latest Pictures. Lemon Drops, I love you, Ice, etc.


Cool Branch, Sunset, and Birthday Cake!


Today my dad and I burned leaves, after hauling them in the back of the truck from the front yard to the back, where the sand pit is.   Twas exhausting.  But now the front yard looks great… absolutely spotless.  yay!

Yesterday I forgot to do a blog, but I did take a picture.  I was going through my desk and found this little plastic alien dude… And he was just begging to have his picture taken.  How could you say no to an adorable little alien dude??

Beauty In a Water Bottle

I’ve been pretty busy today… I woke up around 8:45 this morning, and did my leftover homework from English before school, then did school, showered/scrubbed the tub (I’m getting pretty good at holding the brillo pad with my toes and scrubbing while, at the same time, rubbing shampoo into my hair.  Supercleaner!) and then clened my room (well, a third of it. one third was already clean, and the other third I’m saving for tomorrow. Oh boy!) now it looks SO clean in there… I love when it’s clean like that.  It’s like I can breathe again. ahh.

I was going through my bookshelf and I found this book...  That's how I feel about life sometimes

I was going through my bookshelf and I found this book... That's how I feel about life sometimes


Remember to dust the top of your fridge

I’m still sick.  😛  But I don’t feel too bad, I just sound awful.  I didn’t go to church this morning, which was kind of a bummer because this missionary from Thaiwan was supposed to be there, and tonight at youth group they said he was REALLY good.  Oh well.  It just didn’t work out. 

Another faithful friend...

Another faithful friend...

Also, today, we’re working on renovating (oh how designer-y I sound using that word) the kitchen.  I cleared off the top of the refridgerator with my dad, and sorted a few cabinets.  The top of the fridge was covered in about an inch of dust… eww.  My belated new year’s resolution is to always dust the top of the fridge from now on.