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Xander is doing well! We are excited, he is recovering quicker than we had expected.

We brought him home around 5pm on Monday, still partially sedated and very cranky. He stayed in his crate for a good while, and around midnight, he started flopping around and howling, growling, and carrying on, biting at his stitches, which was really horrible to watch. He wasn’t in his right mind and in a whole lot of pain. My mom and I stayed up with him through the night, and at around 3am he started coming out of the sedation and using his front legs to pull himself up to the bars of the cage to be petted. That was when he got really desperate for attention. So my mom and I sat there petting him for awhile, which he seemed to enjoy.
After a couple minutes, my mom brought him some wet cat food and I opened up the door with a small bite of it in my fingers, which he scarfed down, followed by a couple more tablespoons. The vet didn’t expect him to eat that soon, so we were very happy about that.
Then, at 3:30am, he stood up and walked around for the first time. It was so exciting to watch!! He quickly got tired and took a nap, but he walked!
Yesterday he made it down the hall for the first time, most of the day spent taking a few steps and then napping for awhile.
And this morning he purred for the first time since the surgery. That was awesome too. Today he’s pretty much been able to get around on his own, accepting a couple random fits and jumping on things. He’s still sleeping a lot and seems to want to be left alone, but now we’re able to leave him for chunks of time without worrying.

It’s been hard but amazing watching him recover bit by bit… It’ll be about another 2 weeks before he gets the hang of walking, but just the progress I’ve seen since Monday has me scratching my head. God planned and created animals so perfectly… they adapt to these things so well!

Thank you for your kind words and prayers, everyone.



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Xander had the surgery this morning. He came through fine, was particularly groggy, and he came home around 6pm tonight and has been sleeping ever since. It’s hard seeing him this way, but he’s a fighter and he’ll be back to his old antics soon, without a doubt.

An interesting thought occured to me after we brought him home, though. All my parents and I have been hearing is how it’s more traumatic for us for him to lose his leg than it is for him. He’s definitely had no fun through all this experience, except maybe for really letting the vet have it, but he doesn’t go through the emotional suffering like people do.

I think it’s that way with God. In the bible, we’re compared a lot with sheep and vines. And human beings have a greater range of feelings and emotions than a vine or a sheep does. At least that’s what I believe. Since we have those abilities, we can experience suffering that a sheep could never imagine. We can feel things that a vine would never comprehend. So isn’t it logical that a God so great and so awesome and so powerful, who created the universe and everything in it would also have a greater range of ways to experience feelings, emotions, and pain?

Watching Xander go through the amputation, we’re sad because we feel empathy and greif for what he’s going through, even though he probably doesn’t understand fully the gravity that we see it to. And I just think that God is that way with us. He sees us sinning every day and he greives for us. He sees every little thing that happens to us every day, every person that cuts you off in traffic and every bit of bad news you get. And he feels it. He feels every little nanometer of emotion and feeling within you. And I believe that when we’re really broken up and sad, he’s crying. Not just sniffles and a stray tear here and there. Bawling his eyes out because he doesn’t want to see his treasured and precious creation feel any trace of pain.

And the same goes for the happy things that happen to us in life. He is not an unfeeling God. Quite the opposite.


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so this is what I was eluding to in my last post. We found out today that Xander has fibrosarcosis in his left back leg, which requires amputation. What’s worse, the tumor is slightly above knee level, so there is a chance that amputation will not get rid of the tumor fully and it will spread throughout his body and kill him.

a lot of people can’t understand why this is so upsetting, but then a lot of you can. Xander is 7 years old, so we weren’t expecting facing something like this for awhile yet. We’re pretty devastated.

please pray for little tiger.