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Oh how I love Fall

jeans leaf, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

Did I mention that? How much I dearly love fall? Bet you never could’ve guessed in a million years. 😉

So some calendars say that yesterday was the first day of fall, and some say that today was. So it’s sort of like there are two first days of fall instead of just one.

This, like my lemon drop slushie from sonic (tried it for the first time today… I’m sorry, dear cherry limeade, but I do believe I’ve found another to cherish) makes me immensely happy.


I like my ice cream soupy

Ice Cream, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

My grandma used to put my ice cream in the microwave for a couple seconds, so it’d be just how i like it… Frosty consitancy. 🙂

This is a little more melty than I usually like it. Not much can make me leave my ice cream alone… except photography. Hence the soupier than usual ice cream.

food may be my love language

258, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

I like food. I especially like to use it to brighten people’s days. It’s so easy, make something pretty and yummy and it changes a person’s mood completely.

This morning I made ‘brunch’, consisting of fresh cherries (amazing) and whole grain banana nut muffins, fresh out of the oven. And I listened to Jack Johnson while unloading the dishwasher and getting everything prepped and ready. Such a delight. I think I will be making more of an effort with my meals now… going through the whole cooking and preparing and savoring process really brings a lot to the experience.

Also, I am bound determined to eat a meal outside this weekend. Maybe tomorrow. A mini picnic. 🙂

My assignment to you: Take a moment this weekend. Do something beautiful and something that makes you happy. No electronics or unwelcome distractions allowed. For five minutes or three hours, however long you have. It can be anything, even if it seems silly like coloring in a coloring book or playing with plastic army men. It’s about taking time to do something that you’ll enjoy.

Happy weekend, all!

sweet 16

necklace, originally uploaded by imayle.

so far, 16 has been pretty sweet. 🙂

this is the necklace I made for a very dear friend’s 16th birthday. we’ve been close for a decade now, and it feels like we were just turning seven and thinking we were da bomb. haha.

a toast…

happytoast, originally uploaded by imayle.

drew this little guy yesterday in my boredness. I’m getting over a stomach bug, so I’ve been eating a lot of him the past few days.

fun fact: all my toast comes out with a hello kitty-shaped ‘bald spot’ (untoasted bit). my mom is an avid lover of the little kitty and so her friend got her a hello kitty toaster. I didn’t even know they made such a thing until about 3 years ago… we’ve had it ever since. 🙂

So, as some of you may know, today is my last day of being fifteen. tomorrow, I cross into the carefree and wonderful world of sweet sixteen. HAH! in other words, it’ll feel exactly the same except I’ll be legally allowed to get my restricted license and be considered a capable yet surely unreliable teenager. that’s what makes 16 so sweet, isn’t it? more priviledges, but without the extra responsibilities until you’re a bit older and you’ve had your go at sampling the world? I dunno. I guess I’ll find out in the coming year.

In the meantime, I’m taking today to reflect on the past year and thank God for everything he’s allowed me to experience during it. 🙂

here’s to 16…

frozen vegetables

205, originally uploaded by imayle.

frozen vegetables right from the bag in the middle of summer is one of the things I am *so* looking forward to as I finish my schoolwork and prepare myself for the scorching weather.

I can’t think of much to say at the moment. In 6 days I’ll be 16. Craziness.

Polaroid? Almost.

207, originally uploaded by imayle.

I love polaroids. They have a way of capturing the little things in life, and you can take pictures of things that would otherwise seem pointless, but through a polaroid, it becomes magical. It’s like that with any camera of course, but especially polaroid.

So, with that in mind, I grabbed a piece of carstock and started cutting. Once I had the frame cut out, I went around and took pictures through it. It’s crazy fun, if a little kiddish. 🙂 Then just applied a little editing to make inside the frame look a little different from the outside. Viola! The one above is of my newly-bloomed chives. See the rest here.

Also, Soul Sister – Train… I don’t remember if I already said this, but it’s right up there with I’m Yours – Jason Mraz for me; Instant favorite, forever.