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Polaroid? Almost.

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I love polaroids. They have a way of capturing the little things in life, and you can take pictures of things that would otherwise seem pointless, but through a polaroid, it becomes magical. It’s like that with any camera of course, but especially polaroid.

So, with that in mind, I grabbed a piece of carstock and started cutting. Once I had the frame cut out, I went around and took pictures through it. It’s crazy fun, if a little kiddish. 🙂 Then just applied a little editing to make inside the frame look a little different from the outside. Viola! The one above is of my newly-bloomed chives. See the rest here.

Also, Soul Sister – Train… I don’t remember if I already said this, but it’s right up there with I’m Yours – Jason Mraz for me; Instant favorite, forever.



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“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”

– Proverb of Guinea

Found this lovely quote on the back of a gardening magazine. I cannot believe spring officially begins in 9 days. NINE. DAYS. And guess what else I learned from my helpful little magazines? 7:44am eastern time is the exact time of the equinox. In English, 7:44 = exact minute that spring springs. It’s pretty awesome that human beings are smart enough to figure out down to the minute when this half of Earth crosses into spring.

Today it is pouring rain, so as you can see, I am longing for some sunny, warm weather.

Your feet touch the floor & you didn’t even know it


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I was looking at pictures I took at this time last year this afternoon, this being one of them. I love how ivy looks. 🙂

Today has been uneventful. I woke up to a perfect blue sky and bare tree branches scraggling across it. When did they get bare like that? It always shocks me every year when all the leaves are gone. Kind of like when you’re 5 years old and you can’t wait until your feet touch the floor when you’re sitting in church… then you realize one day they are touching the floor and you didn’t even notice when it happened.

Beginning To Blossom

As promised, Here are my latest pictures. My garden on the deck (used to be for an above ground pool, but now the pool is gone & the deck is used for lounging/potted plants) is beginning to blossom!