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Love & Hate, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

saw this written somewhere in cyberspace today… So I copied it onto my own wrist and viola!

I think it’d make a cool tattoo someday, but I don’t know if I’d ever actually get it. I like tattoos that have some meaning behind them, and that one doesn’t really have a whole lot of meaning, it just says stuff in the reflection.

Hmm… But… that just gave me an idea for one that *does* have meaning…


blue doors

thorns, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

yesterday I came north a little ways to stay with my Grandparents and visit my family up here for awhile. It’s lovely up here! and on the drive we passed so many beautiful little houses… this one place is stuck in my mind, it was an old meat shop made of cinderblocks, painted all white except the door, which was a vibrant blue. It reminded me of those Moroccan houses with the bright blue doors.

I’m going to have a blue door someday, even if it’s just the inside of a closet that no one can see.


tree, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

I have finished Teen week and my second to last week of camp. It was a wonderful week, to be sure. More drama than usual, but I’d been expecting it.

Of course, this week I found that the place where a lot of the kids minds were and the source of some of the drama going on was relationships, which caused me to reflect a bit. Personally, I’ve chosen to walk the courtship route… But that’s a post for another day.

I just don’t see the point in getting as close as some of them were so young. I was thinking about it during Chapel one evening and came up with an analogy that I think is rather clever, if I do say so myself. It goes like this: A baby tree is planted too close to another seedling. As the two grow, they get all the things they need to thrive as adult trees, and all the while the space between them shrinks and their roots become intertwined with each other, until it gets to the point that they are so close to uproot one would kill the other. One of the trees grows faster than the other, and starts to steal nutrients from the other, and eventually the tree will wither and die of malnourishment.

I think it’s the same with people. If you get too close with someone too soon, you become too dependant on them, which is dangerous. Adult trees do just fine with other trees, and can even be pretty close to them without harm. But while they are seedlings they’re doing the most growing and need the largest space ratio.

I dunno. Maybe I’m just an odd kid who zones out and thinks about plants in relation to romance randomly. (Dig that annunciation!)

This coming week is angel tree middler week and my last week of camp! *sob* I’m looking forward to it, but I’m rather intimidated again. I’ve heard a lot about these kids and how crazy this week is going to be.

& Side note — A friend of mine who works at camp got one of those cheap-o bouncy balls mailed to her this week… no box or anything, they just slapped a stamp, an address and a note on it and stuck it in the mail. So of course I’m going to try it. hehe 🙂

Itsy Bitsy *Camouflaged* Spider!

camouflage, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

I found this little guy in his web ouside my pot of mint. Ain’t he cute??? He made me smile.

& For the record, I am not a spider killer. I save them. 🙂

torrential downpour

Dewey Grass, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

So today is day four of the torrential downpours of rain we’ve been experiencing… not really, I just wanted to say ‘torrential downpours’. But we have had a LOT the past 4 days!

Xander has made leaps and strides (quite literally, he’s beginning to walk and hop quite a bit as he recovers and gets more confident) and he is even starting to get into mischeif again like he used to. For the most part, we can leave him alone for extended periods of time without worrying, which is great. He is supposed to get his stitches out in the next few days, so I am hoping that goes well. Now if he would just eat and drink on his own…

It’s only 10 days till I leave for staff training at the summer camp!! This year I’m a junior counselor, so I am looking forward to getting to hang out with kids all summer 🙂

In the meantime, I have entered the world of beading. I used to think it was a wimpy craft (no offense, beaders) that required little creativity, but then I walked down the newly remodelled bead aisle of Michael’s and oh. I understood.

I do believe this may be a new obsession of mine…


250, originally uploaded by imayle.

Xander is doing well! We are excited, he is recovering quicker than we had expected.

We brought him home around 5pm on Monday, still partially sedated and very cranky. He stayed in his crate for a good while, and around midnight, he started flopping around and howling, growling, and carrying on, biting at his stitches, which was really horrible to watch. He wasn’t in his right mind and in a whole lot of pain. My mom and I stayed up with him through the night, and at around 3am he started coming out of the sedation and using his front legs to pull himself up to the bars of the cage to be petted. That was when he got really desperate for attention. So my mom and I sat there petting him for awhile, which he seemed to enjoy.
After a couple minutes, my mom brought him some wet cat food and I opened up the door with a small bite of it in my fingers, which he scarfed down, followed by a couple more tablespoons. The vet didn’t expect him to eat that soon, so we were very happy about that.
Then, at 3:30am, he stood up and walked around for the first time. It was so exciting to watch!! He quickly got tired and took a nap, but he walked!
Yesterday he made it down the hall for the first time, most of the day spent taking a few steps and then napping for awhile.
And this morning he purred for the first time since the surgery. That was awesome too. Today he’s pretty much been able to get around on his own, accepting a couple random fits and jumping on things. He’s still sleeping a lot and seems to want to be left alone, but now we’re able to leave him for chunks of time without worrying.

It’s been hard but amazing watching him recover bit by bit… It’ll be about another 2 weeks before he gets the hang of walking, but just the progress I’ve seen since Monday has me scratching my head. God planned and created animals so perfectly… they adapt to these things so well!

Thank you for your kind words and prayers, everyone.

hand, reader. reader, hand.

223, originally uploaded by imayle.

remember back in kindergarten when the teacher would hand you a piece of paper and tell you to trace your hand? Yeah. I just got more high tech and added some text. Cause I was the awesome kindergartener. Even if I was the only one… 😉

they say you can tell a lot about a person by their hands. Care to introduce yours?