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In the middle of September, we still play out in the rain.

the lone twig, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

I love Daughtry’s new song.

As a matter of fact, it was raining all weekend long, and it’s finally feeling like fall today. YAY! no more 90-degree weather. I hope.


But I was still able to get some pretty pictures.

And I have decided to take up running. Long story short, I’d been thinking about it, but what cinched it was that a certain friend of mine told me I probably couldn’t have handled this obstical course/race event he did about a week ago.

Never tell me I can’t.

Though he can’t credit himself as the reason, that will be part of the icing on this cake. haha 🙂



dreamer, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

Well! My first week at camp was great! I’m now certified in CPR/AED and shallow water attendant (basically a shallow water lifeguard) and I’ve been fully trained and am now ready for whatever these campers can dish out for me! Or at least I hope I am. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when they arrive. 🙂

This summer’s verse is John 1:10-14. I just love how the book of John starts out… “In the beginning was the word…” It sounds like the beginning of a huge and epic story. Which it is. But when I read it, I just imagine some deep narrator voice saying it as you watch a forward pan towards the ocean on your mind’s TV screen… then you see a foggy haze above the water and it’s strangely still. The Earth hasn’t begun spinning yet, apparently, and there’s no waves or tide system. And then you see a beautiful luminescent shape hovering above the water and you see it… God’s holy spirit hovering over the water, (Like in Genesis) and it takes your breath away.

And that’s what pops into my mind every time I read “In the beginning was the word…”.

Have a lovely week, all!

cloud 9

walking on clouds, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

I don’t know why I like feet shots lately. Seems like a lot of times I look down thinking, “HEY! That’d be a cool picture.”

Anyhoo. I’m not really a list person. But today I feel list-y, so here is a list of nine things that make me feel like I’m on cloud nine, in no particular order.

1- Eating Zaxbie’s
2- Being at the camp
3- Having all my laundry done
4- Making someone smile
5- Taking pictures (especially when they turn out how I want them)
6- A no-tempurature sunny day
7- Inspiration
8- Being with people
9- Finding a new really good song

Tag! You’re it, what 9 things make you feel like cloud 9?

torrential downpour

Dewey Grass, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

So today is day four of the torrential downpours of rain we’ve been experiencing… not really, I just wanted to say ‘torrential downpours’. But we have had a LOT the past 4 days!

Xander has made leaps and strides (quite literally, he’s beginning to walk and hop quite a bit as he recovers and gets more confident) and he is even starting to get into mischeif again like he used to. For the most part, we can leave him alone for extended periods of time without worrying, which is great. He is supposed to get his stitches out in the next few days, so I am hoping that goes well. Now if he would just eat and drink on his own…

It’s only 10 days till I leave for staff training at the summer camp!! This year I’m a junior counselor, so I am looking forward to getting to hang out with kids all summer 🙂

In the meantime, I have entered the world of beading. I used to think it was a wimpy craft (no offense, beaders) that required little creativity, but then I walked down the newly remodelled bead aisle of Michael’s and oh. I understood.

I do believe this may be a new obsession of mine…


251text, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

So, funny thing. I forgot my yahoo ID/password and I can’t answer the security questions correctly either. *sigh* So I have had to make a new Flickr account. Note to self: must stop being so clever with passwords and security questions, it’s too easy to outsmart myself.

SO much hullaballoo and red tape to go through! But I’m actually sort of glad, my other account was getting too crowded. I am only going to post my absolute best on this one.

But anyway. My little southern state has nearly drowned in rain the past couple days, so many memorial day plans were ruined. None of mine, luckily… I wasn’t going to do anything, but then my friend got a group together to celebrate her birthday and we went out to Olive Garden and then back to her house to watch a movie. (Dear John. Usually not my type of movie, but I like that one… The ending is realistic, which I appreciate.) Lovely fun!

And I think I have found the coolest silverware ever. My favorite are the forks that make letters. 😀

frozen vegetables

205, originally uploaded by imayle.

frozen vegetables right from the bag in the middle of summer is one of the things I am *so* looking forward to as I finish my schoolwork and prepare myself for the scorching weather.

I can’t think of much to say at the moment. In 6 days I’ll be 16. Craziness.


199, originally uploaded by imayle.

Last night it rained. Hard.

And boy did we need it… It hadn’t rained in almost a week, and we are in the peak of pollen season, so as a result it was off the charts. The picture was taken on an outdoor table that was pretty well coated with it. xP

I kid you not, everything looks strange without a yellow haze clinging to it. You could see the stuff in the air. Yuck-o!! So last night when it rained I went out to get cleaned off a little too, with the rest of the earth. Man, it felt good. 🙂 People, this is perfect rainplaying weather… not too cold, but not many thunder/lightening storms yet. Next time you see rain, I dare you all to run out and dance in it for about 10 minutes. Longer if you decide you like it. 🙂

brings to mind the song, “Bring on the rain” by Jodee Messina, does it not?