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“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”

– Proverb of Guinea

Found this lovely quote on the back of a gardening magazine. I cannot believe spring officially begins in 9 days. NINE. DAYS. And guess what else I learned from my helpful little magazines? 7:44am eastern time is the exact time of the equinox. In English, 7:44 = exact minute that spring springs. It’s pretty awesome that human beings are smart enough to figure out down to the minute when this half of Earth crosses into spring.

Today it is pouring rain, so as you can see, I am longing for some sunny, warm weather.



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It snowed night before last, by the way. So unexpected, but definitely a welcome visitor!! 🙂 I was tickled by the fact that I’d gotten a fortune cookie that day whos fortune was, “An unexpected visitor will bring you many blessings.”

This morning I was clicking around here, looking at the random things FredFlare sells… Very nifty… When I noticed they sell the Diana F+ and the Diana mini, two adorable vintage film cameras that shoot lomographic photographs. :O le gasp.

My little point and shoot, Sam, may be getting a girlfriend.

Of course, up until about fifteen minutes ago, I had no idea what the Diana was. I just knew I loved the example shots Fred had put up on the sale page. I googled it, and came upon the world of Lomography. How I have not discovered this before, I hardly know. I came across, which I absolutely love. Their 10 golden rules pretty much sum up my entire view of photography.

WAD (this feels a bit like sesame street.) is amity, which means friendship. We Are Gonna Be Friends – White Stripes comes to mind. 🙂

Valentine’s Day.

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I’m not generally much of a Valentine’s day sort of person. I love the candy and stuff, but it just seems to put too much pressure on people. How come it’s become about romance and couples? How come it can’t just be about celebrating people you love and telling them how special they are? My opinion is that we have lost sight of the true meaning of Valentine’s. (That sounds like a Christmas rant).

Anyway. Friday we got SIX INCHES!!! of snow at my house! It was great fun to play in, and it stuck around Saturday and some of Sunday. 🙂  My love of the day is therefore snow, my absolute favorite weather ever.

My dad and I also redid the kitchen this weekend, which was quite a task as it was wallpapered and has lots of stuff to avoid while painting.  Our goal is to have it look shabby-chic and slightly imperfect, and the design scheme is similar to the inside of Zaxbie’s;  Lots of decoration on the walls and a goldish-yellow and dark brown color scheme.

Sleet Day.

I awoke this morning to the branches of the tree by my window encased with ice.  So beautiful!

Today would have possibly been a snow day for us, if the storm had come just a little closer.  *sigh*.  I knew it wouldn’t happen, but still.  As I’m looking at my Facebook, it’s hard not to be jealous of all my acquaintances just north of me, who are posting pictures and marvelling at the beauty of it all.  Oh well.  The tree branches were so pretty this morning, so I don’t miss the snow all that much.

I apologize for my lack of visual interest in the past few posts… I haven’t been much in the rythm of taking pictures.

Happy Feet

Sunshine on a rainy day

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Today was all nice and lovely and sunny. And COLD! Flurries are predicted for Thursday. (those of you farther north are probably having a good laugh at me and my “cold” southern weather)  It’s not much, but I’ll take what I can get.

So last night I got these cute slippery sock things from walmart. Yes me, miss can’t stand tennis shoes, socks, or slippers, wear-flipflops-in-the-winter girl… wearing sockslippers. I think aliens abducted me and replaced my brain or something. Or maybe it was because when I saw them, I loved them, and decided I must get them and have adorable and warm toes for once.  ‘Happy feet’ has found new meaning.

Your feet touch the floor & you didn’t even know it


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I was looking at pictures I took at this time last year this afternoon, this being one of them. I love how ivy looks. 🙂

Today has been uneventful. I woke up to a perfect blue sky and bare tree branches scraggling across it. When did they get bare like that? It always shocks me every year when all the leaves are gone. Kind of like when you’re 5 years old and you can’t wait until your feet touch the floor when you’re sitting in church… then you realize one day they are touching the floor and you didn’t even notice when it happened.



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My mom and I decorated sugar cookies on Christmas eve eve. It was so much fun! It’s amazing the things you can come up with when you’ve got edible snowflakes, red and green sugar sprinkles, and an assortment of other festive edible decorations. 😀

Christmas was very quiet and nice. We woke up to a great downpour… there were flash flood warnings, rare for us. and about a fifth of our yard was just standing water from all the rain! I, for one, thought it was pretty neat… I like having some kind of extreme weather on Christmas, and as there isn’t much hope for a white Christmas in my warm little town, a huge rain is rather refreshing.

And today we had a second Christmas of sorts. My Grandpa came to visit, exchange gifts, and eat a lovely ham & sweet potato dinner. It was so good to see him again. 🙂