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Love & Hate, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

saw this written somewhere in cyberspace today… So I copied it onto my own wrist and viola!

I think it’d make a cool tattoo someday, but I don’t know if I’d ever actually get it. I like tattoos that have some meaning behind them, and that one doesn’t really have a whole lot of meaning, it just says stuff in the reflection.

Hmm… But… that just gave me an idea for one that *does* have meaning…


torrential downpour

Dewey Grass, originally uploaded by beag1e94.

So today is day four of the torrential downpours of rain we’ve been experiencing… not really, I just wanted to say ‘torrential downpours’. But we have had a LOT the past 4 days!

Xander has made leaps and strides (quite literally, he’s beginning to walk and hop quite a bit as he recovers and gets more confident) and he is even starting to get into mischeif again like he used to. For the most part, we can leave him alone for extended periods of time without worrying, which is great. He is supposed to get his stitches out in the next few days, so I am hoping that goes well. Now if he would just eat and drink on his own…

It’s only 10 days till I leave for staff training at the summer camp!! This year I’m a junior counselor, so I am looking forward to getting to hang out with kids all summer 🙂

In the meantime, I have entered the world of beading. I used to think it was a wimpy craft (no offense, beaders) that required little creativity, but then I walked down the newly remodelled bead aisle of Michael’s and oh. I understood.

I do believe this may be a new obsession of mine…


faith, originally uploaded by imayle.

messed around with the editing. yes, I am aware, this picture is a bit of a hack job. But it was my first attempt at the picture in a letter thing, and I don’t have any of those fancy newfangled editing programs. ‘course it’s gonna look a little primitive.

I laid out for 2 hours today, knocked out a bunch of school (finished the chemistry book!! yeahhh) and wrote the middle third of my research paper. I hope to finish it tomorrow, but we shall see.

This has been a productive week. Oh how I love productive weeks.

vanilla twilight

vanilla twilight, originally uploaded by imayle.

I’ve had the idea for this picture for awhile… It popped into my head while listening to Vanilla Twilight – Owl City. I have wrinkly crinkly hands. A finer-pointed sharpie probably would have looked less sloppy. Oh well, mistakes make things interesting and unique, right?

My grandpa is visiting today… oh how I love my family 🙂

I write like a preppy girl.

206, originally uploaded by imayle.

ever notice all the different styles of writing? Like, we already have different ways of talking… In movies, nobody ever really talks like in real life. And in books, no one ever pronounces everything that perfectly or omits word contractions. And yet we accept it as normal. Huh.

I, for one, have just discovered there is not much difference in the way I write from that of a preppy girl. *sigh*. NOT exactly thrilling.

emo eddie

emo eddie, originally uploaded by imayle.

meet Emo Eddie
not Edward, not Ed. Eddie.
vampires aren’t his thing

Was doodling yesterday morning and came up with this little guy. I waited all day long, through Chemistry lab and various other errands to sew him up… I was finally able to stitch him together after dinner last night. I must say, I’m pleased with how he turned out. 🙂 This morning I made him a companion, but I haven’t decided on a name yet. Will post pictures when I do.

I am also completely addicted to Peices candy, thanks to my mom. I was already a big fan of Reese’s Peices, but now they’ve got York Peppermint Patty Peices, Almond Joy and Hershey’s Dark Chocolate. :O Can’t. Stop. Eating.

Viola Vinn

road, originally uploaded by imayle.

#18 Chemistry is hard.
Lotion tissues make me sneeze.
And I am starving.

Doesn’t the name Viola Vinn sound like a fantastic name for a ferocious heroine in a juicy novel? She just might become a character in a book of mine someday.

I am becoming slightly obsessed with making these pictures with text… I can’t even think of anything snappy to call them, and yet this is about the seventh one I’ve done in the past few days. They’re quite addictive.

Today was boring, but we had lovely weather. 🙂